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The QCCS Mackay Cutters work in partnership with our community to deliver programs that play an important role in building a healthier region.  The DGH Cutters Corporate Care program is an educational program designed to lead businesses and their teams to the understanding of why and how health and well being practices can lead to higher productivity and performance in work and life.

In the chaotic world of adult hood we often have many pressing responsibilities to focus on, including work, family, and finances. We often lose sight of the foundation that is necessary to reach our potential in all aspects of our work and personal lives, health and well being. Focusing on and making positive decisions to improve our physical health and emotional well being not only improve our own personal performance, it also has a positive impact on the groups, teams, and organisations we are involved with, and a compounding positive influence on our children, family, and friends. The Cutters Corporate Care program seeks to educate and lead businesses and their teams towards making positive lifestyle choices to improve their health and well being, and ultimately their performance. The program is designed and delivered by the Head of Performance of the QCCS Mackay Cutters and runs for approximatly 60 minutes.

To find out more or to book a session email Alex Kertesz today.  performance@mackaycutters.com.au

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