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As a team our success is measured each week, in full view of the public, by our performances on the playing field.  As a member of the community, our success is personal and our worth measured by how we serve the wider community through community based initiatives.

The QCCS Mackay Cutters have a commitment to serve the community in which they operate.


Cutters Community Corner

The Mackay Cutters have considerable community reach within the Mackay and surrounding districts.  Since inception in 2008 the Cutters have increased their community profile and are now a well respected and recognised service provider within the region.

This program involves the Mackay Cutters assigning a dedicated commercial space at all eleven Mackay Cutters home games.  This space, along with at game promotion through PA announcements and big screen recognition, is assigned to not for profit organisations that have a charter to contribute positively to, and benefit through their activity, members of the Mackay and surrounding communities.

Cutters Community Corner allows these organisations to showcase their cause to all patrons that attend our home games.


For more information on our community programs, or if you would like us to support your community event, please contact


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